We are very grateful for the support we receive from our major donors and charitable trusts and foundations. They play a significant part in enabling us to carry on our work helping autistic people, and their families and carers.

Our aim is to help the people we support improve and make choices about how they live their lives – throughout their lives. The National Autistic Society relies on the commitment and generosity of major donors, charitable trusts and foundations and statutory grant-makers, without which we would not be able to provide crucial support, information and advice to many thousands of individuals and families living with autism.

boys at a youth group

Individual donors

Our donors support all aspects of our work. If you are interested in making a philanthropic gift of £5,000 or more please contact Senior Relationship team on 020 7923 5798 or email Senior.Relationships@nas.org.uk.

If you give £1,000 or more each year, you will join our community of supporters, the Circle of Friends who have a major impact on any one of the numerous projects and initiatives that our charity does. 

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Trust and statutory fundraising

We are immensely grateful for the grants we receive every year, enabling us to help the people we support improve and take control of their lives. Grants come from a number of different sources including:
  • trusts and foundations   
  • Big Lottery Fund    
  • statutory funds.

If you would like to donate through a charitable trust, or find out more about the work that we do in the Trusts and Statutory Fundraising team, please contact us at trustteam@nas.org.uk.