Photo of boy on sofaChristmas can be a wonderful time, full of family, friends and excitement. But for some autistic people, it can be an overwhelming day, with unfamiliar sights, sounds and people. Changes in routine can be difficult and many autistic people and their families have to adapt traditions to get through the festive season. Some autistic people choose not to celebrate the day at all. But just because it’s different, it doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for them.

There are so many families in the UK who find Christmas a time of turmoil and stress. The National Autistic Society’s Helpline is an invaluable source of knowledge and comfort for struggling families. But it can only make a difference with the support of people like you. 

This year your gift will go twice as far. Our amazing supporters, Brian and Meredith Niles, are generously providing match funding, so for each pound you give they’ll give a pound too*, doubling the difference you make.

Please show your support with a gift today, to help autistic people and their families have a Christmas that works for them.

On behalf of everybody at the National Autistic Society and the people we support, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you.