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Raise vital funds and change autistic people's lives, while supporting your own goals and strategies. We’ll work with you to build a mutually beneficial partnership that makes a real difference.

Living in a world where autism was better accepted – now that would be an amazing place to be. – Kathryn

Sponsorship opportunities 

Sponsoring our events, resources and campaigns can enhance your corporate image and help you reach larger audiences. Now is the perfect time to join us, with the visibility and success of our Too Much Information campaign, and a public that's ever more aware and supportive of autistic people and their families.

Sponsoring our events and activities will not only support our essential work but will give you:

  • positive PR for your company
  • brand exposure to extended audiences
  • enhanced corporate image. 

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The Autism Friendly Award

Show your community that your business is a welcoming place for autistic people and their families with the Autism Friendly Award. By working towards the award you can make your business or public space more accessible to autistic people and their families. There are lots of small changes you can make that make a big difference to autistic people – from customer information to staff awareness.

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Cause related marketing

Many of our corporate partners like to give something back in this simple yet powerful way. Partnering a certain product, service or brand with us is a great way to raise funds while promoting your company as socially responsible and involved, and increasing sales and customer reach.

This is an easy way to give, no matter the size of your business, and we’ll work  with you to find the best ways to match your objectives. For example, every year Stella & Dot donate a percentage of one of their products for the month of April.

We are so proud to support the National Autistic Society for the sixth year in a row. Together, through the donations made possible by the sale of our foundation accessories, our collective small acts add up to make a big impact. – Stella & Dot

Employee fundraising and Charity of the Year

Whether your company runs a Charity of the Year scheme, or you hold employee fundraising activities on a more individual basis, we’d love to hear from you. Our dedicated Corporate Partnerships team are always on hand to help with fundraising ideas, be it office quizzes, raffles and bake sales or bigger challenge events. There are plenty of exciting and creative ways to get involved, so please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Payroll giving

Many companies offer payroll giving as an easy and flexible way to donate to a charity of your choice through your salary.

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Pro bono support and gifts in kind

As well as donating much-needed funds, many of our corporate partners support us with their time, skills and resources. We’re always hugely grateful when they do, as they make a valuable contribution to our work. For example, our partner Clifford Chance has provided us with pro bono legal support on Education Rights for over ten years, changing the lives of thousands of families.

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