My name is Rhys Jenkins, I'm 23 years old and I was diagnosed with autism when I was 16 years old.

I'm currently doing a master's degree in autism and related conditions at Swansea University. Doing this has given me a unique and valuable insight into what it can be like for others to live with autism. I also try and give talks about what it's like for me living on the spectrum so that everyone can improve their understanding and awareness of autism. These talks have become an integral part of my life since I left Cardiff University after doing a law degree.

Over the years I've encountered difficulties and hurdles regarding many things such as socialising and perceiving others. These may be exacerbated by the fact I have autism. However, autism does have its benefits. I'm very methodical, confident and keen to learn about it. It has given me a cause and a direction to aim for in life and for that I will always be honoured for having had it all my life. I am very supportive of NAS Cymru and their fight for an Autism Act, as things need to change. My aims for the future include to increase awareness of autism and be synonymous with the fact that there is a revolution in terms of autism awareness and how people think of it these days. I wish to be at the forefront of that and contribute in any way I can.