We have run several campaigns to increase public understanding of autism and inspire individuals and organisations to make changes to help autistic people.  

Too Much Information

Too Much Information

Too Much Information (TMI) is a campaign delivered by The National Autistic Society to increase public understanding of the five core features of autism and to give people an understanding of what actions they can take to help autistic people.

Those five core features are:

  • anxiety in social situations
  • anxiety with unexpected changes
  • sensory overload
  • meltdowns
  • processing time

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Autism Hour

For autistic people, the world can seem full of too much information – and too little understanding. 

There are 700,000 autistic people in the UK. Along with their families, that's over 3 million customers waiting to be welcomed into businesses. Over 99% of people have heard of autism, but only 16% of autistic people feel the public understand them.

So, we're asking shops and businesses to organise an Autism Hour and take simple steps for 60 minutes that lead to a more autism-friendly world. Read stories from autistic people and their families to learn about the difference Autism Hour makes. 

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Autism Friendly Award

The Roman Baths receiving their Autism Friendly Award in May 2016

The National Autistic Society’s Autism Friendly Award champions premises who commit to making sure that autistic visitors receive the same warm welcome as everybody else.

This doesn’t mean investing in expensive alterations or training your staff to be autism experts. Small changes can make a massive difference to autistic visitors and just a little understanding can go a long way.

We have worked with everyone from airports, heritage sites to sports arenas, local hairdressers and high street stores. Every customer facing organisation, whatever their size or business, can benefit from becoming autism-friendly.

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