I'm One General Election Campaign 2017   
Politicians have the power to improve things for autistic people and their families. With the General Election just weeks away, now's our chance to tell a whole new set of MPs about autism, and make sure it's a priority. 

When we’ve successfully campaigned for changes to benefit autistic people both locally and nationally, we’ve usually needed the support of politicians. They often support us because of the stories they’ve heard from their constituents about living with autism.

Organise a candidate coffee morning

Read real stories of autistic people and families who met their local candidates or MP.

Proof that talking to your local candidates now will help

In 2015, hundreds of campaigners talked to the candidates running for office in their local area. Many of the candidates they spoke went on to become MPs who helped achieve things like:

  • guaranteeing autism training for every new teacher
  • securing Government support for recording autism diagnosis waiting times
  • getting autism specifically included in the NHS health mandate.

Between now and the election, all sorts of people will contact candidates to ask them to support their causes. We need to stand out from the masses. And taking the time to sit down with candidates for 20 minutes over a coffee, for a conversation they'll remember, might just do this. 

That's why we're asking autistic people, their families and friends to organise candidate coffee mornings – short meetings with local candidates – to make sure they understand what it's like for people for whom autism is a part of daily life, and what support is needed.

Organise a candidate coffee morning

I'm one of the 74% of autistic people and family members who don't think the public understands autism.

How to organise your candidate coffee morning

It's easy: 

Organise a candidate coffee morning

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The candidates you speak to could become your next MP. Let’s use this opportunity to make sure those with the power to make big changes truly understand autism.

Not sure what to expect? Find out what other people meeting their MPs and local candidates thought and read some real stories from autistic campaigners and families.

If you'd like more support or you have questions, contact our campaigns team and they'll be happy to help.