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Our next guest is...Anne Hegerty!  Anne is a TV personality, quiz show extraordinaire and a supporter of the National Autistic Society. You may recognise Anne from ITV's game show The Chase. She was also a finalist in the second series of Are You an Egghead? and appeared on Mastermind twice. 

As an autistic woman, Anne explains how going shopping can be sometimes be overwhelming for her, and tells us why she's supporting Autism Hour.

Anne Hegerty says: “I do think the National Autistic Society's Autism Hour will be important and helpful to many autistic people and their families, although it takes more than a crowded shop to make me melt down.  It's important to recognise that all autistic people are different, and what could cause a meltdown for one person may not for another.

“I like supermarkets for being generally not too hot and having large wide aisles, so I don't feel crowded which suits me.  However, for anything other than food shopping, I tend to order online and collect in store at a time that suits me.  Pushing through the crowds to Manchester's Arndale Centre is tiring, and more so if there's lots of noise - buskers, street sellers, people on their soapboxes.

“I'm delighted to support Autism Hour.  For me, the perfect shopping experience would be peace and quiet.  Ideally no music and if the alarm goes off, or someone begins working with power tools in the shop, I'll be out of there very quickly.  Also, don't hover, I'll ask for help if I need it.”

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