Website linking policy

When we link to websites, we link to autism-specific services from within the Autism Services Directory. Links within individual articles about specific topics have been selected by the authors of those articles.  

  • Please read our general website policy
    It outlines the purpose of the website and its target audiences.
  • Reciprocal linking activities
    We do not enter into reciprocal linking agreements solely for the purposes of improved search engine placement. 
  • Sites of individuals, organisations and service providers
    Your site must provide, or represent a service or support group highly relevant to the autism community and available to people in the UK. Please see below.
  • General directories
    We do not link to general directories - including health directories - as this contravenes our intention to provide links to websites which serve the needs of the autism community specifically.

Send us your link information

We are only able to accept requests for links for the Autism Services Directory.

If you represent an autism service or organisation (health, education, diagnosis, supplier of products, support group, etc.), please choose the appropriate form to tell us about your group or service.