All our work is guided by our core belief and four values, which have been developed alongside autistic people and family members.

Our core belief

We believe that people on the autism spectrum should be understood, supported and appreciated.

Our values

  • We learn from real experience. We’ve spent over 50 years working together with people on the autism spectrum. No one has more practical knowledge of autism. But we move with the times and we understand that there’s always more to learn.
  • We tell it like it is. We share what we have learned about autism, so that more people can make informed decisions and lead the best lives possible.
  • We inspire. We celebrate progress, open up new possibilities, spur people into action and motivate change. 
  • We are courageous. We won’t accept ignorance or inequality, and we’ll never stop pushing for more understanding, greater support and a better world for people on the autism spectrum.