At the National Autistic Society, we are committed to promoting equality and diversity among our staff, which we believe is vital to our work as an effective and dynamic charity.

In line with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, this page sets out the pay rates for women and men.

The data shows that we have a very small pay gap, and we are disappointed that this gap has developed since last year, when there was no pay gap. Below, we explain what we’re doing to fix this.

The differences are shown in relation to hourly rates of pay and are as follows (at 5 April 2018):

  • Our mean pay gap is 2.79% (compared to 0.29% in the last reporting year) – this means that, on average, the women who work for our charity are paid slightly less per hour than men – 97.2p for every £1.00 that men earn.
  • Our median pay gap is 0% (compared to -0.6% in the last reporting year) – this means that, taking the middle point between the lowest and highest rates of pay, women are paid the same per hour as men.

The pay gap regulations also require us to show the percentage of women and men employed in different pay quartiles. This means that our total pay scale, from the highest to the lowest, has been divided into four, and these are the percentage of women and men in each:

Our gender pay gap figures as of 5 April 2017

These results reflect the fact that, as with most education and care providers in the charity sector, we employ more women than men at every pay level across the charity.

We are also required to report on rates of bonus pay, but the charity does not pay bonuses to staff.

These results demonstrate that men and women are paid nearly equally across the charity, and we are committed to investigating and correcting the gap that has emerged in mean pay since we reported last year.

All figures above are accurate and have been signed off by our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Lever.