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Help us improve

We are committed to listening to what you have to say about us. Your feedback and complaints provide us with an opportunity to improve all we do.

Sending us your feedback

If you want to send us general feedback, comments or a compliment, you can email or write to us:

  • email NAS@nas.org.uk
  • write to us at:
    National Autistic Society
    393 City Road
    London EC1V 1NG

If you send us feedback in the form of a compliment or comment:

  • you will be listened to and we will acknowledge your feedback
  • you will be treated with respect
  • we will make sure your compliment or comment is fed back to the relevant team or department

Making a complaint

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, where you need a response from our charity, not just acknowledgement that we have received your feedback.

If you make a complaint

  • you will be listened to
  • you will be treated with respect
  • your personal details when you make a complaint will be shared only with those people directly involved with processing, investigating or responding to your complaint.
  • your complaint will be dealt with in the timeframe and in the manner set out in our complaints policies.
  • if you want to complain about our schools and children’s services, we will follow this policy
  • if you want to complain about any of our other services, we will follow this policy. This applies to complaints about: fundraising, membership, campaigns, adult residential and community services, autism centres, student support, communications and marketing, and supporter care services including helplines.
  • we will explain the process to you in our first response, which we will aim to send to you within five working days of receiving your complaint. In this first response, we will let you know when we will get back to you after investigating your complaint.

Can I get help to feedback or complain?

Yes, you can ask anyone you trust to help with your complaint. This can be a friend, relative, a carer or an advocate. They can support you to complete the complaint form.

If someone completes the form on your behalf, they will be asked to confirm that they have the right or permission to do so, before we can proceed with the complaint. We need to check this to ensure we are processing your complaint in line with data protection legislation and regulation.

Please send us your complaint as follows:

  • email yourviews@nas.org.uk
  • write to us at:
    National Autistic Society
    393 City Road
    London EC1V 1NG

If you or the person you are helping to complain attends one of our schools, or we support you in one of our other services or branches, you can also make your complaint in person, by talking to a member of staff or a branch volunteer.