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Type of service: Local groups

NAS Enfield Branch (Enfield NAS - ENAS) was founded in 2005 by a group of parents who were passionate about ensuring a better future for their children. Today ENAS provides 'partner for life' support via a local network of autistic people, their families, and carers throughout the Borough of Enfield. We remain a totally voluntary group of parents and autistic adults working together and supporting each other, ensuring that no-one feels alone as they cope with the challenges of living with autism. In this diverse area of London, we welcome people from all cultural, language and faith backgrounds. We are active in our community, playing our part in the voluntary sector here in Enfield. We provide a range of support activities: Social support for parents and carers: a 'friendly ear'; advice on local services; evening meetings; coffee mornings; and regular newsletters. Social support for adults with high functioning autism: support for autistic adults who are looking for people to socialise with and make friends: led by a young autistic woman, the group meets twice a month and provides a programme of meetings, trips, activities and a life-coaching programme. Information and resources: accurate, up-to-date information and resources; expert speakers; workshops; web site; and closed Facebook group. Activities for children and young people: autism-friendly play sessions; youth activities including a Friday night youth club; and holiday activities. Partnership working with professionals: autism awareness workshops, talks and events; liaising with health, and education and social care professionals. A representative voice: raising awareness of autism locally; lobbying policy and decision makers for change; participation in Enfield Autism Steering Groups; participation in local and national campaigning. We hope you will find some of this support helpful for you and your family. Please visit our website for updates or join our Facebook page if you fancy a chat..


Age: For people of any age

Aimed at: Adolescent , Adult , Child , Parent/carer of a child, Parent/carer of a young person, Parent/carer of an adult, Young person

Gender: All genders

Covers: London

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Specialisms: Exclusively autism specific

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The National Autistic Society is the UK’s leading charity for autistic people. Since 1962, we’ve been transforming lives, changing attitudes and helping to create a society that works for autistic adults and children. We transform lives by providing support, guidance and practical advice for the 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, as well as their three million family members and carers

The National Autistic Society

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Natasha Rajamahendra - Co-Branch Officer

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07757 120 777

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Sandeep Chal - Co-Branch Officer

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