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Asperger United needs a new name

Welcome to the online version of the magazine that is yet to be named! As you may know, we have decided to rename Asperger United and
we need your help. Vote via our survey to share your ideas. Apologies to those who struggle with sudden change, but fear not! Aside from the name change, the magazine will remain the same in its structure and essence. Enjoy the read and if like our canine friend you prefer an old fashioned paper version, you can subscribe below. 

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25 years old

Since AU first flew off the press in 1993, autistic people from all over the world have been submitting work, including this guy!

Letter and Editor's note

Check out the latest musings from our Editor in Chief, a.k.a. The Goth. He’s been guiding, curating and even artworking AU since 2005.

Articles and features

What does being autistic mean to you? Our readers share their thoughts in these personal essays.  


Since day one, the level of art work that has been sent into AU has been staggering. Check out some of our favourites!


The poets who submit to AU are also a talented bunch. Apart, perhaps, from our in-house composer of the pink biscuit piece.

Pen pals

Being autistic can sometimes be lonely. So, if you’re looking for people to strike up a friendship with, this is the section for you.

Previous editions

There are 94 previous editions and, with a bit of digging, you can find several of them here...

Subscribe to paper format

For those of you who still like the feel of paper in your hands, you can subscribe to our ‘old skool’ format. 


Asperger United rules

It sounds like a football club chant, but in fact it’s our Do’s and Don’ts for submitting work to Asperger United!

Download our current issue

For those who prefer reading in PDF format to perusing the website, download our current issue here!

Submit work

Send us your articles, art, poems, reviews, thoughts, musings...the more the merrier! We would love to read them. 

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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