We are launching ‘Stories from the Spectrum’ during World Autism Awareness Week 2019 (1-7 April) - but what is it?

Stories from the Spectrum will feature voices from across the autism spectrum and highlight the rich variety of autistic experience. There will be funny stories, thought-provoking stories, moving and challenging stories. 

The stories will come mostly from autistic people, and also from families and carers. You’ll be able to read them in news stories, and watch them on videos and Spectrum Live.

We’ll be posting stories on social media throughout World Autism Awareness Week and then regularly as part of our campaigns. We hope you’ll enjoy them as they are posted, or you can binge on them on our website

How you can get involved

From time to time, we will put out a notice on Twitter or on a news story, to let you know we are looking for stories about a particular experience or subject. 

For example, for Autism Hour, we’ll want to know about your experiences in shops – good and bad. Or at Christmas, we want your stories about what you do during the festive season. 

If you have any questions, please email our Stories Team on socialmedia@nas.org.uk

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