Dr Judith Gould

Dr Judith GouldDr Judith Gould is the Lead Associate Consultant at the Lorna Wing Centre for Autism and retired as Director of the Centre in 2015. Lorna Wing and Judith Gould’s early work in the 1970s on autism and related conditions led to the concept of a spectrum of autistic conditions.

Judith is a Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist, with over 40 years’ experience, specialising in autism and learning disabilities. She has published widely in the field of autism. Her current interest is the diagnosis of women and girls on the spectrum. Judith helped to develop and appears in our charity’s Women and Girls online module.

Carly Jones MBE

autism advocate Carly Jones MBE meeting Princess Anne Carly Jones is a British Autism Advocate who has worked for the inclusion of autistic women and girls since 2008. Speaking on news channels, and at universities and Parliament, she was the first British autistic woman to address the United Nations on autistic females’ rights.

In recent years, Carly’s work has involved speaking at numerous conferences and events, holding a public appointment as a member of the UK Honours Committee and being an independent panel member for the Ministry of Justice. She has created a free online safeguarding course for autistic girls and is working on a variety of projects for regional and national organisations.

Carly was filmed as part of our Women and Girls online module and helped to develop the module’s content.

Catherine Leggett

Catherine Leggett (autism professional)Catherine Leggett’s background is in engineering and technical roles, and she has also worked on gender equality projects for women in science, engineering and technology. Catherine has worked with employers and employees nationwide as a specialist in optimising autistic people’s strengths at work since April 2014.

Catherine developed the first course of its kind, early in 2016, for autistic working women in the UK and is currently leading on placing autistic talent in digital and cyber roles.

Catherine was diagnosed as autistic in 2015 and has an adult autistic daughter. She enjoys advocacy and supporting other autistic parents and adults in South Wales in her free time.