Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for adults is being abolished and replaced by a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Here we tell you about these changes.  For information about the PIP criteria and assessment process, please read our information at www.autism.org.uk/PIP.

Who will be affected by the changes?

DLA will eventually be stopped for all ‘working age’ people, including those who have an indefinite or lifetime award of DLA. In this context ‘working age’ means people who are aged 16 and over and who were under 65 on 8th April 2013.

Who will not be affected?

If you were aged 65 or over on 8th April 2013 you can stay on DLA as long as you continue to have difficulties and support needs that meet the criteria.

Child DLA is not changing. If you claim DLA for a child (someone under 16), you can continue to do so until they are 16 years old, should the child continue to meet the criteria. New DLA claims can still be made for children.

When will my DLA stop?

The government will write to you at some point before December 2018 telling you that you have to claim PIP instead. For more information about when they might write to you use the 'pip checker' on the government website, or check their timetable for PIP replacing DLA.

Will I be automatically transferred onto PIP?

No. There is no automatic transfer onto PIP. You will be ‘invited’ to make a PIP claim, if you do not claim PIP your DLA award will end. To continue to receive DLA whilst you are waiting for the decision about entitlement to PIP you must ‘engage with the reassessment process’. Engaging with the reassessment process means completing and returning the forms on time and attending the face-to-face assessment for PIP if you are invited. The PIP assessment process often takes several months.

Claiming PIP

The Government does not automatically send out PIP claim forms to people whose DLA awards are ending. Instead you will be notified that your DLA award is going to end and will receive information about how to make a claim for PIP Once you are notified that your DLA claim is ending you will have 28 days to start a claim for PIP by making a phone call. If you start the claim within 28 days you will continue to receive DLA whilst you wait for the decision about your PIP claim.

If you do not start your claim for PIP within 28 days of the notification, your DLA will be suspended. If you start your PIP claim within a further 28 day period the suspension is lifted and you will receive DLA whilst you wait for the decision about your PIP.

If you don’t start the PIP claim within the second 28 day period your DLA award will expire and you will not be considered for PIP. If this happens you can still start a new claim for PIP, but the disadvantage is that the DLA would not be paid whilst you are waiting for a PIP decision (which often takes over six months).


Further information

The government have produced an easy read guide to what PIP is and how to claim it.


The information above is based on the following sources:

Quick link to this page: www.autism.org.uk/AdultDLA

Last reviewed: 14 Dec 2016.