Before diagnosis

For a long time, describing my life as a train wreck would not have been far from the truth. For years everything had been falling apart, getting worse and worse, until several points when I thought I couldn't take or didn't want anymore. This was all before I was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Education and volunteering

A year later, through my own hard work, research and willpower, I'd resumed my full-time education, started doing voluntary autism research work with City and UCL universities and was going to work as a volunteer at the Prospects "Adults with Asperger syndrome life skills" course in London.

I have new friends and interests, and work hard towards many goals and ambitions. It's not easy but I'm on track now."

The single biggest difference was the voluntary work that The National Autistic Society (NAS) first arranged for me with City University.

I found out a lot about myself and realised I was actually more than OK. From there I took the initiative and got involved with UCL and Prospects again, under guidance from the NAS.

Now I am at the wheel and in control of what I am doing with my life to a far larger extent."

Asperger's was just the beginning. I found out I had Asperger syndrome when I was almost 19 and I'm almost 20 now. 

By Andre Jean Baptiste