painting of a non-binary person

Change was a central theme this autumn. We started the season with a brand new, renamed issue of the Spectrum (formerly known as Asperger United). We realise that this new look may have been difficult to adjust to, but we hope you enjoyed the content - which was just as brilliant as ever!

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Our highlights included a personal letter from Heidi. Heidi discusses her love of all things fluffy, reflects briefly on her time as a nun, and the struggles of being an adult. 


I had a vocation to be a nun, but after three years realised I was too sensitive and individualistic to live with twenty other women 24/7. I’ve always been happy to be alone and enjoy simple pleasures. I have my own home and car, I go to Mass each day and enjoy seeing my friends — one or two at a time. I am happiest on my own with my garden plants, flowers, pretty things and in my little “nest”. I love doing craft things, too — especially making home-made gifts for the Carmelite nuns.

By Heidi