Asperger United issue 95 (the last of its name!) was a wonderful read. 

We received some memorable articles, including an astronomical theory on the potential connection between autism and extra-terrestrial beings!

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Recommended read: 'Theory of aetiology of Asperger's'


My belief is that ET-human matings did happen, which left a component of ET genetic material in the human gene pool. And that this component has been progressively passed on (through normal human sexual reproduction) from generation to generation. Getting, in the process, progressively more and more attenuated. At this point I wish to state the following: namely that, in two crucial aspects, ETs are, were, different from us. They are, were, of an entirely different
species and of an entirely different animal kingdom, and they are, were, vastly more intelligent than us. Unlike us human beings they are, were, replete with knowledge and we’re woefully deficient in wisdom! Which is where Asperger syndrome (and other forms of high-functioning
autistic spectrum disorders) come in.

By Jehovian