Issue 85 addresses the theme of gender - a relevant and interesting topic, considering the stereotype of autism as a 'male disorder.' We hear from a variety of autistic women (and men!) on topics such as gender, sexuality, and cross-dressing. 

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Recommended read: 'Nutter's Syndrome' 

We particularly enjoyed Lisa's article on 'Nutter's Syndrome', an informative piece on the affliction known as 'Neurotypicality', less commonly referred to as 'Nutter's Syndrome.'


The neurotypical world is a foreign country: they do things differently there. 
Nutter’s syndrome (NT) is named after Dr Alice Nutter of Pendle who described it in 1943 but whose work was neglected until the 1980s when it was publicised by Dr Leonora Bloomfield. NT is a lifelong disability caused by a difference in the “wiring” of the brain which results in sufferers taking a different view of the world to the Absolutely sane (AS).

By Lisa