In this issue, our readers talk perspectives - discussing differring views and opinions on autism and Asperger Syndrome, both negative and positive.

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Recommended read: 'The war of the biscuits' 

A highly recommended feature would be Siobhan's deliciously readable fable, 'The war of the biscuits.' Whether you are patriotic or not, there is something so fantastically British about this moral tale starring bourbons, custard creams and jaffa cakes (technically not a true biscuit, but we'll allow it!). Warning: difficult to read without developing an immediate craving for biscuits.


'The chocolate digestives lived peacefully on the shelf in Tesco’s until one afternoon they were taken. Once they were brought home to Mrs Speed’s house she undid them and put them in her biscuit box. The chocolate biscuits felt very intimidated, as some of the other biscuits who were there were quite resentful of these new additions to the biscuit box. There were plain digestives, ginger nuts, Bourbons, custard creams and Jaffa cakes.

The custard creams and digestives looked down their noses at the Jaffa cakes and Bourbons. This was because those biscuits with a hint of chocolate were always eaten first by the humans, whereas the other biscuits were left to go stale and that was a really unpleasant death. The ginger nuts were fiery, and were always bossing the other biscuits about. They would always jump the queue every time the biscuit box was opened because they wanted to be eaten first.'

By Siobhan