Our 83rd edition focuses on the theme of women. AU readers explore the concept of gender, as we hear from our female readers about their experiences of being autistic women. 

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Recommended read: 'Females with autism - the tragedy of ignorance'

This edition includes an insightful article from Planet Autism, which dismantles the 'autism is a male disorder' myth, looking specifically at social conditioning and how this affects women on the spectrum. 


I wonder how many times someone who suspects they are autistic is assessed and not diagnosed (assuming correct diagnostic outcome)? I would imagine the numbers are infinitesimally small. So would females be asking to be assessed without reason? I was once asked, having said I felt different from other people, how would I know that? That’s the weirdest question. You can’t really explain something like that you just know, from watching and listening to others - their views, experiences, interactions, etc. - that you are not like them.

By Planet Autism