You’re an independent person, dressed for comfort, not for show, 
minimum of fashion, figure better than you know,
diligent and capable, but something holds you back,
keeps you from the sunlight; is it confidence you lack?

You’re happiest as a loner, living behind a fence,
you like to greet your neighbours and you smile for your friends,
cheerfully conversing across the garden wall, 
but you’d sooner dream in silence than have guests in the hall. 

You’re a solo climber,
eyes to the skies and the wind rippling in your hair, 
longing to go higher, 
perhaps you only feel alive in the open air.

You’ve tried your hand at several trades, you’re not afraid to learn,
why don’t you seem to credit your skills which others discern?
You don’t have to hide away, you can thrive in the light,
be what you were meant to be, put your doubts to flight. 

I wish I could have managed to help you on your way,
inspired you somehow to move away from shades of grey,
but I’m a creature of shyness too, reaching out is hard for me, 
and you judged rightly; within your walls you have no need of me.

For you’re a solo climber,
eyes to the skies and the wind rippling in your hair,
always seeking higher,
into the realms where few but the eagles dare.

Should you ever come across these words, I hope they won’t offend,
I’d want you to remember me as a well-meaning friend;
but what I didn’t know back then, I now suspect is true-
I’ve a similar set of mind and that’s why I needed you.

I too am a solo climber,
eyes to the skies and trying to challenge my fate, 
my hope of going higher –
trusting my God for a route that climbs to heaven’s gate.


by Anonymous