Friends are great to have,
But they shouldn’t keep breaking down
like an old Ford Popular.

I thought they were built to last,
but they throw a wobbly one
and break with the strain of living.

Friends, who’d have them,
what can you do with them,
breaking up all over the place?

Like china dolls they’re fragile,
like puppies they need affection,
like the Mona Lisa they need armour-plating.

Friends, you can’t get rid of them,
they’re like some disease that does you good;
you bring them flowers

and they cry all over your handkerchief
with a sad sob story
that you once told a year ago.

It’s sad to have friends cracking up,
but you have them or you don’t;
and if you do, hold them close,
and gather their tears like holy water.

by Cliff