Drawing of biscuits and accompanying text

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Pencil iconBelonging

Pencil iconI feel like I do not belong in this world and that is ok



Too many times
I sought belonging
I cried out to myself
No one sees me really
But how can they?
Miles from the forest
An onlooker gazing at clouds
What’s she holding in her hand?
Why does she talk to trees?
When would she grow up?
The scrutiny and whispers
She’s eccentric and crazy
We can’t handle what we can’t explain
She loves silence better than crowds
But everyone dislikes noise
Where does she belong?
I see me as the third person
Then again I am me
I am me and I belong

So the restless poet speaks,

Nothing’s more beautiful than,
A FREE SOUL in any prison

by Victoria


I feel like I do not belong in this world and that is ok

I feel like I do not belong in this world and that is ok
I have many friends
But I feel lonely
I want a group of friends
Where I feel I belong
I am strange
But that is okay
Sometimes when people
Laugh at me I want to cry
And then I am
Being myself
I get judged
Voices individually
I hear them
flashing lights
Hate them
And no offence
But I do not want to be hugged
I fear the dark
The tight walls
And the social interaction
If I want to keep to myself I should
If I keep a strict schedule
I do not want to miss it
If you believe I hate you
I don’t
It’s just that I do not mix well
Like oil and water
I want to talk about science, geography and politics but
I can’t because then I am irritating
And I can’t read your face like a book
I am not smart I just remember stuff
Why use expressions when you can tell a sentence
Which everyone understands
I feel like I do not belong in this world and that is ok

by Satzhan