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Pencil iconThe observers

Pencil iconAn autistic dance

Pencil iconI left my job in February

The observers

(To be read forward, then in reverse)

they smile
when they see me
so that they know
everything is calm
beneath the waves
of my stormy mirrors
(stubborn discomfort),
forgetting I have eyes
is erased and I keep
my head up, hope
this starts to mix
with all my heart
that I can tell them
and no longer feel
the need to defend
why I always have
to take my time or
do the right thing,
I am so determined to
carry on explaining
the reasons I should,
trying to give them:
“be the best” of myself
so once again it will
restore my faith
and I had begun to
feel the need to stop,
the belief I’ve gained
begins to remove
palpable loneliness

by Sarah, issue 99


An autistic dance

An autistic dance
Is a tap, rap, hum
Of a finger drum
And a clicking tongue

An autistic dance
Is a jump, skip, hop
And a spinning top
Never seems to stop

An autistic dance
Is a song of “eeeeee”
And a swinging glee,
And a joy to see.

by Sophie, issue 99

Black and white drawing of a girl wearing a hoodie

'This is me with one of my favourite stims, chewing on my watch. I’m also wearing my space school hoodie, as space is one of my big special interests.' - accompanying drawing by Sophie.

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I left my job in February

I left my job February,
I had no money and it was quite scary,
I took a new path on my own
and I was out of my comfort zone,
yeah, I was out of my comfort zone,
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
the grass ain’t always greener on the other side,
I don’t want to be here sitting in sorrow,
I’m gonna build myself a new tomorrow.

by Gavin, issue 99