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I am broken

I open my closet. 
Can’t find my clothes. 
Take out the skeletons. 
And the bare bones. 
They tell me secrets. 
I’d tried to forget. 
I see every fragment. 
Through tears of regret. 
I hold my skull. 
It feels numb.
It shouldn’t feel.
Thought life was done. 
But there it is.
Its eyes are open. 
Speaks my secrets. 
And I am broken.

by Daniel, issue 97


Glimpses of normality

Glimpses of normality 
Hit and scatter clinquant
A brief enlightenment
Flames slight seconds in the retina
Burns in a meaningless spectrum
I am blind to the rapport of men
That common man who inherited
The architecture of love and Chaos
Leaving me but with glimpses of
Normality, that explode and tempt
My longing to be forever in that glaring
Certainty. Through the darkness of the day
I dream of my own Damascus.

by David, issue 77