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Pencil iconA space too small

Pencil iconThe whale


I’ve lost my mouth
it fell off, before
I could catch it
I saw
it go
now it’s free
floating somewhere
with the other names of things

I try to get them back
they don’t want to
be here in
People land
angry here
sad here
all the confusing things
upside down so
all the safe things







by Kate, issue 100


A space too small

A space
too sma
for lines
or even
long wo
even mediu-
length words,

A space,
too sma

by Jack V, issue 100


The whale

I am Haganfe the force of the whale
The whale is trying to find her purpose
Her purpose is hidden in the flick of her tail
Her tail is slowly bouncing in the ocean
The ocean is full of other live creatures
Creatures surrounding the whale’s tail
The whale’s tail showing the creatures something
Something’s telling them that the whale is alive
Alive and living just like all the others
Others respect her now like she’s one of the rest
Rest the night away for another day
Another day for the whale’s tail to play

by Kate, issue 100