Hello Goth and all Spectrum readers,

Spelling is not my thing. I use a dictionary (the word “dictionary” is an example — I would have gone with “-ery”) all the time to check my often-wrong spelling. I was told that the computer has some sort of automatic correction device, but it has not made itself known to me.

But I wonder if it is an autistic thing to see the correct spelling of words but not to like the look of such words. For example, I have recently written the following words: hugs, tried and been. They do not look right to me. I know they are right — I checked them in the dictionary (more than once) but these words just look wrong to me.

I know from reading the Spectrum that people can describe some oddities which I slowly realize (this word “realize” also looks wrong to me) are common to me. Are wrong-looking words something common to some other autistic individuals? Note: I assume this has nothing to do with dyslexia as I had no difficulty (this word “difficulty” looks wrong to me) in learning to read and I have no difficulty in reading. I have never read a book — but that is because they are much too long.