New photo of the Goth with purple background


Welcome to the April edition of the Spectrum.

I hope that you like the completed new look of this magazine. By “new look” I mean not just the design and brand, but also the web version and the online archive, which is now as complete as possible.

Naturally, since the beginning of the year, anything appearing in the magazine is also online — one day we hope to link all the articles on a subject to one another, though this is a very big project. Then there will be no need to search for them laboriously! That’s the reason why I had to change the rules to allow the NAS to use any contributions which appear in the magazine in other online media, which currently mostly means Facebook and Twitter. We can look forward to a day when, rather than receiving an e-mail alert that the latest edition is now available, we can receive the alert of our choice: e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or whatever comes along in the future.

I know a lot of you have no interest in this, and want dependable paper, so if that’s you, please don’t be upset by such developments — paper continues, and book sales have not slumped as was once predicted.


the Editor