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Welcome to the July edition of the Spectrum.

I find myself wondering if I am autistic, or Autistic. I have avoided the capital “a” in the past, because I was only aware of the medical use. Now that I know about the use of “Autistic” to mean that the user identifies with the Autistic community and and that the user feels that Autism is a key part of their being, I feel as though adopting the capital “a” is some sort of leap into the unknown. Does that make sense?

The Deaf community was the first, I believe, to use a capital letter in this way, so if you are looking for a wider understanding of the use of capitals, pieces written about their use of a capital are informative.

I look forward to finding out how readers feel about writing Autism, Autist and Autistic with capitals, so that the use of capitals in the magazine can reflect what writers and readers want (as far as this is possible, of course).

As ever, I also look forward to meeting some of you at Autscape in August. I know I say this every year, but it’s true: this is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable times of my year, and I encourage those of you who are nervous of meeting dozens of others at a conference to take the plunge, maybe in 2020?


the Editor


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