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Welcome to the October edition of the Spectrum.

Well, it’s October again, so it must be time for me to bore you about my Autscape experience!

For the second year running I did not ask anyone at Autscape to write anything about the conference (unlike the previous eight years) so, naturally, this is only the second year that anyone has written anything about Autscape! The human mind can be baffling to me sometimes.

Every year I want to spend lots of time talking to people and enjoying the facilities, which always include a well-equipped sensory room, but every year there are just so many interesting lectures, seminars, discussions and workshops. Just attending all of those would leave me exhausted, so I let the social side of things slide yet again.

Naturally, that leaves me worrying that various people will think that I don’t like them — I imagine that many readers can relate to that feeling, along with the feeling that I can’t start talking to someone because they might not want me to talk to them. For the record, I am always willing to be approached, and if I don’t respond much it’s probably because I’m overwhelmed.


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