We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our online and print survey for a new name as well as the subsequent online vote on the name.

We decided to ask for new name suggestions and hold a vote on a new name due to the disturbing revelations about Hans Asperger. In addition to the vote, our online survey included questions about the use of his name for diagnosis and by us as an organisation. We will be publishing the results of this part of the survey soon.

We had a total of 1645 respondents to our online vote. There were certainly some strong contenders but the Spectrum came out top. Popular choices that didn’t quite get as many votes were Autistic Voice and Living on the Spectrum. The other 11 names that were put to the vote were: ASC United, Autismo, Autism United, Autism Licence, Autistic Times, Autistic World, Aut-ternative Universe, On the Spectrum, Spectrum United, United Together.


Spectrum survey statistics - blue text on green background


Once again, thank you to everyone who submitted name suggestions and or took part in our online vote. Now back to the magazine with a new name but the same brilliant content. Happy reading and submitting work!

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