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Come in…and please make yourself at home!

What does ‘being at home’ mean for you? As the lockdown continues, and many of us remain confined to our homes, we may well be pondering this question. Some of us may be loving lockdown life, while others may really struggle. Many of us are feeling anxious, confused or even fearful about what the future holds.

If you have a moment, we encourage you to take some time out and explore our archive of home-made features from previous issues. Through poetry, art, and prose, our readers celebrate the joys and challenges of staying in. They explore what it really means to ‘feel at home’, both literally and metaphorically, and finding home in unexpected places.

So…put on your finest pair of pyjamas, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy our readers’ odes to their humble abodes.


home/house icon  ‘Runaway Horses part two’ by Lois

home/house icon  ‘The Confederation of Autia’ by Joseph

home/house icon  ‘The War of the Biscuits’ by Siobhan

home/house icon  ‘Autscape: report on the 2013 conference’ by Amanda

home/house icon  ‘My bubble and Asperger’s’ by Mike

home/house icon  ‘Dove Cottage’ by Julie

home/house icon  'That Room' by Anonymous

house icon, art icon In-house art gallery

book icon with house icon inside Home poetry library


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Coronavirus is disrupting lives across the world. The lockdown situation may be particularly overwhelming for autistic people like us (who may find the uncertainty quite distressing). For various reasons, some of you may find being at home particularly difficult or feel you have no one to turn to in a time of social isolation. As a community, we want you to know that we are here for you. To help support you, the National Autistic Society has put together a coronavirus hub of handy resources, tips, stories, and helpline contact details. You can also chat to other autistic people, parents and carers through our online community here.

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