Welcome to the Spectrum online art and photo gallery! We've gathered together an eclectic collection of our favourite images from current and previous issues. Scroll down to view them all, or even submit artwork yourself. We would love to hear from you. 

Wire sculpture of a person

Wired differently by Kristina, edition 100, October 2019


Cartoon illustration of a group of people

Art by Louis, edition 100, October 2019


Photo of plane turbine

Photograph by Ashley, edition 99 (cover image), July 2019



Black and white drawing of a girl wearing a hoodie

An autistic dance by Sophie, edition 99, July 2019. Read Sophie's accompanying poem in edition 99.


Painting of French bulldog

Winston by Willow, edition 98, April 2019. 



Cartoon strip - black and white drawing 

Strip cartoon by S Gribben, edition 97, January 2019


Picture by Mark, edition 56, October 2008


Jigsaw by S Maddison, AU edition 79, July 2014


Bicycles by G Sanders, AU edition 83, July 2015

Bath plug by Hannah, AU edition 72, October 2012