Welcome to the Spectrum online art and photo gallery! We've gathered together an eclectic collection of our favourite images from current and previous issues. Scroll down to view them all, or even submit artwork yourself. We would love to hear from you. 

We want to share the amazing archive of autistic prose, poetry and art that is the Spectrum magazine (formerly Asperger United). If anyone who contributed to the magazine doesn’t want their work to be reproduced, please email us and we will remove it.


colour pencil surreal illustration of a girl and a horse by a wall

An unstable girl with a wallhorse by Moxy, edition 102, April 2020


photo of geometric wooden sculpture

Sculpture by Tony, edition 102, April 2020

Clive's note on Tony's sculpture

Artrack is a workshop where people can make things, it is in the town of Gravesend in Kent. At Artrack we do painting, needlework, make models, drawing and textiles, some people like to use the computer. My favourite thing to do at Artrack is painting. Artrack is a nice place to come to make art to put in exhibitions for people to see and buy. Tony’s artwork is a sculpture made from wooden pieces that have been glued together, I like that it is made from different shapes and colours.

Clive, a fellow Artrack attendee

Find out more about Artrack


'The Scribble and the inkspots' by Stephen - cover art for the Spectrum magazine issue 101

The scribble and the inkspots by Stephen, edition 101, January 2020


Art by Clare, edition 87, July 2016


Cartoon illustration of a group of people

Art by Louis, edition 100, October 2019


Black and white drawing of a girl wearing a hoodie

An autistic dance by Sophie, edition 99, July 2019. Read Sophie's accompanying poem in edition 99.