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As always, we received some brilliant articles. Highlights include Abi and Virginia's critique of mental illness in Hollywood films, as well as Patrick's article on his love of football. And Elvis may have left the building, but Matt wants to know if you still think he's cool...     



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Alexithymia: a personal journey

Alexithymia. A new word for me. A new word to get my tongue round and to understand. Alexithymia is...


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Always Football

Football is almost certainly my main special interest. Always a constant throughout my life...


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Was or is Elvis cool?

It’s a little hard now to understand why pubescent fans went sex-crazy over the Beatles. In the case of Elvis Presley, it makes immediate sense...

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A while ago, I had a conflict with my boss. She did something patently unreasonable and I “exploded”...

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A horde of inaccuracy and fearmongering

In 2016, a film called Split was released as a follow-up to Bruce Willis’ Unbreakable. Until...

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I stim (a story)

I sit. My form is transfixed as though tightly contained, taped to this chair, overwhelmed by its mindfield of paisley...


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We are so tuned to each other that words are unnecessary. He senses my mood and...

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Although I’m 28, I’ve never had a pet of my own, but have grown up with pets around me...


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Spring, stimming, and meltdowns

Spring! I have finally clicked on something new, just the other day and that is odd symptoms...

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