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To conform or not to conform? That is the question our readers explore in detail this issue, from conformity in the workplace to general musings on being autistic in a neurotypical world. We also took a tour around the Gerald Durrell Zoo with Virginia, and joined Eva on an encounter with an unusual yet familiar entity...


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A captive audience

As a child of the Seventies, I have vivid mixed memories of my first visit to a zoo. The zoos of my childhood were dark and dreary places...

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Acting like everyone else

Society makes us dress a certain way. Speak a certain way. Act a certain way. Anything that doesn’t meet the society norms...

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The notice for this issue said that the theme would be “conforming and why we shouldn’t have to do it”. Why? Because...

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Conforming in the workplace

I started my job some years ago, and although at the time I thought it was okay, in retrospect...

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My story about anxiety

To anyone who I might share this with, I do, at the time of writing this story, suffer from anxiety. This story is based off...

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The problem NTs have with us

I hadn’t thought about stimming much until today, when visiting someone. Sitting there feeling...

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'The body keeps the score'

I am scared of reviewing The body keeps the score. Trigger warning: the book includes...

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