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We unearthed a few of our favourite alien-themed poems from the depths of the Spectrum archives!

Icon of an isolated person in a bubbleOf another world

Icon of an isolated person in a bubbleAt Forty-Two

Icon of an isolated person in a bubbleEarthlings

Of another world

I am of another world –
A visitor, a stranger to your shores,
An immigrant born in your heartland.
I am other,
A legal alien in native skin,
At your mercy.
So treat me gently:
Your customs are strange to me,
Although I was raised within them,
And I fear your people,
Your places,
Accept my behaviours,
As I accept yours,
And understand that I am different,
Not dangerous;
I shall come to love your world;
And it shall become my home from home;
But at heart,
I am always other,
Always apart.
I am of another world.

by Penelope, issue 68


I am other,
A legal alien in native skin.


At Forty-Two

Fly an eagle
Over the deep blue sea;
Waves of feeling
Washed up, over me.

Oceans of emotion
Play in faery song;
Lost in other worlds...
For so, so long.

Far beyond the stars
In the vast of deepest space;
The music of the spheres
Unheard...by human race.

The pattern of my life
In other words defined;
I never really realised...
The confusions of my mind.

by Jeremy, issue 32



The skull protrudes,
The mouth is the face
And its bone,
With shiny side eyes.

The tiny pumping heart
In its little ribby cage
As it claw-finger grips
A side-waddle motion
On a branch,
Reaching sky,
Piercing hollow
With travelling cry

By the body grown
And silky-feather warmed
Its eggs have been cracking here
For sixty million years.

Having many wise “nearness fears”
So we must violate the right
Of those with wings to flight,
To satisfy our terrible urge to know

by A Lint, issue 64


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