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A few of our favourite features from the past 100 editions of the Spectrum...

Pencil icon'I want to be allowed to be autistic' by Lois

Pencil icon'Of another world' by Penelope

icon of pencil and paint pallet  'Flick' by Tom

Pencil icon'I stim' by Katrine

Pencil icon'My literary hero' by Ali

icon of pencil and paint pallet  'The Peter Principle' by Peter

Pencil icon'From the inside out' by Laura

art icon Some of our favourite artwork


From its humble beginnings as a Newsletter for people with Asperger syndrome in May 1993, the Spectrum magazine has come a long way.

The Spectrum, formerly known as Asperger United, was founded by Pamela Yates and Patricia Howlin in 1993. Their aim was to create a community and means of support for people on the autism spectrum. Back then, there were very few resources available for autistic people. The magazine was (and still is) a way for autistic people to share ideas, tell their stories, and connect with each other. 100 editions later, and the Spectrum is still going strong! During that time it has gone through several new looks and a couple of name changes, but the amazing content remains the same.

We've had the pleasure of reviewing some incredible articles, letters, poems and artwork over the past 26 years. Visit our highlights archive to find some of our favourite features…

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