This is a select list of useful books and resources on autism for people working in education settings.

Many of the books on this list are available to buy from our website. The list is divided into six sections:

General background to autism

  • Attwood, T. (2008). The complete guide to Asperger syndrome. London: Jessica Kingsley. 397pp. ISBN: 9781843104957

    A comprehensive guide to Asperger syndrome. Available from
  • Hoy, R. (2007). Autism and me. London: Jessica Kingsley. DVD, 20 mins. ISBN: 978184310 5466

    An 18-year-old with autism explains what it is like to have autism. Accompanying booklet. Available from
  • Wing, L. (2002). The autistic spectrum: a guide for parents and professionals. London: Constable and Robinson. 239pp. ISBN: 1841196746

    A clear introduction to autism spectrum disorders. Available from 

Education of pupils with autism

  • Adkins, J. and Larkey S. (2013). Practical mathematics for children with an autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. London: Jessica Kingsley. 143pp. ISBN: 9781849054003.

    A resource book for teachers with tools and strategies for helping children with autism engage with learning maths. Available from
  • Autism Education Trust (2012). Autism peer awareness lesson (years 5/6/7): 100% awesomes. London: Autism Education Trust. 

    Aims to increase pupils' understanding of autism, and acceptance of differences. Available from
  • Bradshaw, S. (2012). Asperger’s syndrome: that explains everything. London: Jessica Kingsley. 300pp. ISBN: 9781849053518.

    Describes the challenges faced by pupils with Asperger syndrome and gives practical approaches for teachers. Available from

  • Broderick, K. and Mason-Williams, T. (Eds) (2008). Transition toolkit: a framework for managing change and successful transition planning for children and young people with autism spectrum conditions. Kidderminster: BILD Publications. 94pp. ISBN: 9781905218059

    Designed for use in nursery, primary and secondary schools. Includes a CD-ROM. Available from
  • Charman, T. (2011). What is good practice in autism education? London: Autism Education Trust. 51pp.

    Report containing good practice guidelines. Download free from
  • Cumine, V., Dunlop, J. and Stevenson, G. (2010). Asperger syndrome: a practical guide for teachers. 2nd ed. London: Routledge. 112pp. ISBN: 9780415483711

    Guide to effective classroom practice in supporting pupils with Asperger syndrome in mainstream schools. Available from
  • de Bruin C. (2012). The essential 5: a practical guide to raising children with autism. Doetinchem, The Netherlands: Graviant Educatieve Uitgaven.184pp. 9789491337017

    Encourages teacher and parent to understand the world of the child with autism. Available from 
  • Dunlop, A.W. et al (2009). The autism toolbox: an autism resource for Scottish schools. Edinburgh: Scottish Government. 208pp, CD-ROM. ISBN: 9780755980222

    Available to download from
  • Erbes, V. (2010). Tools for teachers: practical resources for classroom success. London: Autism Education Trust. 51, 119pp.

    Describes how to work with children with autism,. Contains DVD and provides photocopiable resources. Available from
  • Farrell, M. (2012). The effective teacher’s guide to autism and communication difficulties: practical strategies. 2nd ed.  London: Routledge. 96pp. ISBN: 9780415693837

    Sets out the difficulties pupils have with speech, grammar, meaning, use of language and comprehension, and gives practical approaches to help. Available from
  • Hanbury, M. (2011). Educating students on the autistic spectrum: a practical guide. London: Sage. 130pp. 9780857028945.

    Translates theory into practical strategies. Provides access to electronic, reproducible material. Available from
  • Hawkins A. and Newport J. (2011). The really useful  ASD transition pack. Milton Keynes: Speechmark Publishing. 114pp. CD ROM. 9780863888397

    A practical resource helping teachers and parents record all the provision they make/ need to make for a child in school. Available from
  • Hewitt, S. (2005). Specialist support approaches to autism spectrum disorder students in mainstream settings. London: Jessica Kingsley. 128pp. ISBN: 1843102900

    Gives practical strategies for working with children with autism in mainstream schools at pre-school, primary and secondary level. Available from
  • Kluth, P. (2010) “You’re going to love this kid!”: teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom. 2nd ed. Baltimore, Maryland: Paul H. Brookes. 345pp. 159857079X

    Provides strategies for teaching children and young people with autism in mainstream schools. Available from
  • Knott, F and Dunlop, A. W. (2007). Developing social interaction and understanding: a resource for working with children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders. London: The National Autistic Society. 44, 105pp. ISBN: 9781905722266

    Designed for children in mainstream schools, a photocopiable resource bank, CD and booklet. Ages 7-14, but can be adapted for older pupils. Available from
  • Laurie, C. (2014). Sensory strategies. London: The National Autistic Society.
    Practical ways to help children and young people with autism learn and achieve. Available from
  • MacKenzie, H. (2008). Reaching and teaching the child with autism spectrum disorder: using learning preferences and strengths. London: Jessica Kingsley. 272pp. ISBN: 9781843106234

    Explores how the child’s learning preferences, strengths and interests can be used to facilitate learning and enhance motivation. Available from
  • Moraine, P. (2012). Helping students take control of everyday executive functions. London: Jessica Kingsley. 208pp. ISBN: 9781849058841.

    Strategies to help students develop attention, memory, organisational, and planning skills and overcome difficulties with inhibition, flexibility and initiative. Available from
  • The National Strategies (2009). Inclusion development programme (IDP): supporting pupils on the autism spectrum. London: Department of Children, Schools and Families and Autism Centre for Education and Research, University of Birmingham.

      Free online materials introducing school staff to autism, accessible on the Autism Education Trust website. Available from

  • Rackow, S. (2011). Single focused attention: teaching children with an autism spectrum condition. Corby: First and Best in Education. 74pp. ISBN: 9781860837821

    Describes the learning style of children with autism spectrum disorders, and gives strategies to support these pupils in the classroom. Available from

  • Stobart, A. (2009). Bullying and autism spectrum disorders: a guide for school staff. London: The National Autistic Society. 32pp. ISBN: 9781905722549

    Offers helpful advice and strategies. Available from NAS Publications

  • Winter, M. and Lawrence, C. (2011) Asperger syndrome: what teachers need to know. 2nd ed. London: Jessica Kingsley. 127pp. 9781849052030.

    A clearly written practical book for teaching staff on how to support pupils with Asperger syndrome. Accessible and focuses on the essentials. Available from

Early years education

  • Cumine, V., Dunlop, J. and Stevenson G. (2010). Autism in the early years. 2nd ed. London: Routledge. 105pp. ISBN: 9780415483735

    Useful introduction to autism as it affects young children. Available from
  • Hannah, L. (2001). Teaching young children with autistic spectrum disorders to learn: a practical guide for parents and staff in mainstream schools and nurseries. London: The National Autistic Society. 116pp. ISBN: 1899280324

    A practical guide for early years staff. It focuses on learning and play, with guidance on literacy and numeracy.
    Available from
  • Wall, K. (2010). Autism and early years practice. London: Sage Publications. 2nd ed. 162pp. ISBN: 9781847875082

    A comprehensive book on autism for early years practitioners. Available from
  • Willis, C. (2011) Teaching young children with autism. London: Featherstone Education. 175pp. 9781408139721

    A practical guide on working with children with autism in the pre-school environment. Covers behaviour and its connection with communication; learning of self-help skills; and sensory problems.  Available from


Primary school education

  • Al-Ghani, K. and Kenward, L.  (2011) From home to school with autism: how to make inclusion a success. London: Jessica Kingsley. 112pp. 9781849051699.

    A practical guide for supporting a child with autism starting school. Provides lots of worksheets and forms for photocopying, and has a useful section on troubleshooting. Available from
  • Ansell, G. D. (2010). Working with Asperger syndrome in the classroom. London: Jessica Kingsley. 175pp. ISBN: 9781849051569

    Gives many practical strategies to help teachers and teaching assistants work with their Asperger pupils effectively. Written by a teaching assistant. Available from
  • Bache, K. et al. (2005). Guidelines for working with children with autistic spectrum disorders at foundation stage and key stage 1. London: The National Autistic Society. 17pp. ISBN: 1899280642

    Focuses on the particular needs that children with ASD have with communication and learning new routines. Available from

Secondary school education

  • Costley, D. et al. (2012). A practical guide for teachers of students with autism spectrum disorder in secondary education. London: Jessica Kingsley. 159pp. 9781849053105

    Clearly set out, describing 67 characteristics of autism, and giving strategies to inspire and help secondary pupils with autism achieve their potential.  Class-wide and ASD-specific approaches are described. Available from
  • Kaweski, W. (2011). Teaching adolescents with autism: practical strategies for the inclusive classroom. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press. 226pp. 9781412995290.

    Guide for teachers in supporting secondary school pupils with autism. Gives advice on positive behaviour support, fostering friendship skills and strategies for diverse learning needs. Available from
  • Plimley, L. and Bowen, M. (2006). Autistic spectrum disorders in secondary school. London: Paul Chapman. 86pp. ISBN: 1412923115

    Looks at a variety of topics including transition from primary school, challenging behaviour, social strategies, working with parents and useful tips for staff. Available from

Further and higher education

  • Breakey, C. (2006). The autism spectrum and further education: a guide to good practice. London: Jessica Kingsley. 208pp. ISBN: 1843103826

    Discusses person-centred planning and strategies to help FE students with autism. Available from
  • Jamieson, J. and Jamieson, C. (2004). Managing Asperger syndrome at college and university. London: David Fulton. 105pp. + CD. ISBN: 9781843121831

    Advice and resources for students, tutors and advisors on the transition from school to college or university. Available from


Last reviewed: December 2013.

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