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World Autism Awareness Week

Getting involved with World Autism Awareness Week (27 March–2 April 2017) will change lives. We are asking you to raise money and awareness so that as many people as possible learn about autism. So we will quiz, bake, walk, collect… Until everyone understands.

cheering at marathon

Everything you need to know

Father and daughter making cake

In your community

We're more than just onesies now – find out all the ways you can fundraise in your community!

At work

Help spread real autism understanding at work – as well as having fun and raising money! 

Schools' Autism Awareness Week

At school

Get involved in World Autism Awareness Week at School and download free resources!

Night walks

Night Walks return!

Light up the night for autism awareness during WAAW 2017.

Shouting on runners

Sending in your money

Once you have collected all your money for WAAW, there are several ways you can send in your donations to us.

NAS adult services staff

Supporter enquiries

Need to get in touch with us? Here's how to do so.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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