Photo: man cycling in the countrysideOur specialist short break services in South Wales, which we provide in your own home, allows people with a diagnosis of autism who are aged 14 and over, and their families, to enjoy some important respite.

Our tailor-made service is ideal for those who may not suit a typical respite provision due to their complex needs, as people can enjoy their break from the comfort of their own home. For people affected by autism who prefer their world to be as predictable as possible, the option of staying in their own homes can help to reduce anxiety and stress, so they can take part in activities they enjoy in familiar surroundings.  

Our team 

Our staff are well trained, qualified and enthusiastic. Communication can be difficult for people with autism, so we use various approaches, including speech, sign language and visual strategies within the NAS SPELL framework.

People using our services can expect:

  • autism-specific, person-centred approaches (TEACCH, SPELL, etc)
  • support in personal care and development
  • support with independent living and household management skills
  • support with general issues relating to autism or Asperger syndrome
  • strategies to keep safe
  • support to maintain relationships with family and friends
  • support to access the local community, for example going shopping, accessing leisure facilities, and using public transport
  • development of social skills using our autism-specific learning programme, Socialeyes.

Person-centred approach

We provide a person-centred approach to short break support in the family home. This means developing and integrating a flexible, individually-tailored programme, that gives people who are affected by autism the opportunity to receive short breaks services in their preferred environment. 

Our aim is also to create a sense of independence for people affected by autism who are still at home. The personalised nature of our short break services means that we can cater to the needs of the individual. Our high staff to visitor ratio of up to 2:1 allows our highly trained and dedicated team to provide wake in and sleep in support. Our team also assesses everyone before they begin their short break to make sure that we are fully aware of their needs and preferences and that their experience of the service is positive.

Many families with children with autism have never had the opportunity to spend time away. This short breaks service can not only provide peace of mind but can also act as a step in the right direction, preparing a child for moving out when both the parent/carer and young person are ready.

Flexible, helpful, reliable support. Always willing to meet my needs. The support I receive enables me to reach my potential.

Person we support

How to access our support

Our respite and short breaks can be funded by your local authority, or you can pay privately. Find out what benefits and care you may be entitled to.