Photo: man enjoys leisure time with LEGO

At our newly developed and accessible site in central Glasgow, which we call NAS Central, you’ll be met with a wide variety of activities and friendly support so you can learn new skills and pursue your interests. Our service is available to anyone above the age of 16 on the autism spectrum.

In our structured environment, you’ll have the freedom to choose from many leisure, educational, and vocational activities, based either in our centre or in the community. Depending on your needs and the outcomes you hope to achieve, you can join us at the centre on specific days, or for specific activities.

Where we are

Well served by public transport and located right beside Glasgow Central Station, we give you the support you need to access and be a part of your local community. Our location is also within easy walking distance of local shops, parks, cafés, and galleries.

At our daytime hub, we have an activity room including computers, a large TV and beanbags where we hold movie afternoons, and have a PlayStation and a Wii. Our new multi-sensory suite offers interactive therapeutic and educational sensory experiences that can help to radically reduce anxiety and stress, all delivered by trained staff. With an interactive floor, a range of sounds and changeable lighting, the sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs and can become part of an overall sensory assessment.

The activities we offer

Whether you want to learn to travel independently, access local further education courses, enjoy a safe place in the city centre to have lunch, or meet new people at one of our many popular social events, we will work with you to achieve your goals.

On site:

  • sound, rhythm and music sessions
  • therapeutic and educational sessions in our multi-sensory room
  • developing social skills through our ‘Socialeyes’ training modules
  • money and budgeting skills
  • structured social events including quizzes, movie screenings and games afternoons
  • IT skills in our IT suite
  • small kitchen for enjoying a safe, sociable lunch in the heart of the city
  • photography, arts and crafts groups.

In the community:

  • visiting galleries and museums
  • accessing a further or higher education course
  • shopping
  • going for a meal out in a local restaurant
  • learning to travel independently
  • join a local club – such as a choir, swimming team, cycling group.

We want you to pursue your interests and goals, so we will work with you to find the activities here or in the community that will help you achieve those goals.

How we work together

We want every adult we support to have the opportunity to grow and thrive, so you are intimately involved in the planning process. You’ll work with us to create your individual plan and put it into practice: through our knowledge and experience we interact with you in the way you prefer and support you to communicate effectively to express what you need, and what you want. Where appropriate, we’ll make sure that family, carers, friends and staff are full partners in the planning process. Each week we will check through your personal programme to ensure you’re achieving the outcomes you set out.

All of our staff here are trained to support autistic people, and use the SPELL framework. We’ll make sure to match the right staff to you so your support is the best it can be for you.

How to access our support

There are several ways you can pay for support through our daytime hubs. Some of our activities can be funded through an individual budget, either directly or through your local authority. Others, such as specific events and clubs run through the service, are run through paying a subscription. For more information, visit our benefits and care page or contact us to make a referral on 0141 221 8090.