Reading schemes and approach to teaching of reading

Every pupil at Robert Ogden has access to a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction reading materials.  This material includes the Oxford Reading Tree and Dockside Reading schemes. Staff check your child’s understanding of the text and monitor that they are reading a range of texts at the appropriate level.

For pre-reading pupils, we use a range of activities to build up picture, symbol and word processing skills. We teach reading skills both through a whole word approach or, where relevant, through the use of phonics. As your child’s reading skills emerge, we focus on social sight vocabulary. Your child will build up a functional vocabulary of food items, names, places and day-to-day curriculum areas and activities.
Why our approach to teaching reading is effective:

  • We create meaningful, motivating and age-appropriate contexts and are particularly aware of pupils’ experience and comprehension levels. For example, we are aware of hyperlexia, and we may use personalised reading books.
  • We give your child opportunities to experience a range of symbols and texts for information and pleasure.
  • We reinforce the written word with symbols and photos and other communication aids such as IPads.
  • We present and refer to the written word across a range of contexts and environments. This helps your child to generalise their learning, so for example they will see their name on a book, on their timetable, and on their coat peg.
  • We use real-life and functional situations to provide meaningful and motivating contexts for reading. For example, we use labels or instructions in a cookery session, and we follow a shopping list.