If you are interested in your child attending The Vanguard School, you can indicate your preference for the school to the local authority who maintains your child’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan or Statement or on the school preference form, as sent by the SEN team. 

Pupils should have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and an Education, Health and Care plan (formerly a Statement) that specifies this diagnosis and should be achieving below national expectations.

A young person may be admitted to the school without an EHC plan on an assessment place of six months, in order for an EHC plan to be written. At the end of this period a view is taken as to whether the child meets the entry criteria of the school.

If you are in a local community or parent partnership group and would like to find out more, please contact us using our online form. We’d be delighted to visit you and share our vision for the Vanguard School.

If you wish to be kept informed on the school's progress, you can also use the online form to register your interest.