The Vanguard School will provide specialist education for children and young people aged 11 to 19 who require an education that is tailored to their individual needs.  The school will add value not only to the lives of the students, but also to parents and the local community.

For students, it will:

  • promote life skills and independent living
  • focus on leading edge technology to empower our students
  • offer a varied, broad and balanced curriculum which will include the National Curriculum at a range of levels, providing tailored education for each pupil
  • offer a range of qualifications and awards though the ASDAN programme
  • encourage learning about social situations in the community, so that students develop into responsible citizens
  • support pupils, through special interest and enhanced curriculum activities to use leisure time productively and develop a wider range of interests and skills
  • support pupils through transitions - through the different stages of their lives
  • support pupils to develop a ‘personal tool box’ of strategies, which will assist the pupil in self-regulation for a variety of situations
  • facilitate the development of skills that are transferable across all settings, including school, home and the community.

For parents, it will:

  • establish a resource which provides a base for parents to network, as well as access support, advice and training.

For the local community, it will:

  • provide a sports hall with facilities that can be used by the local community during evenings and weekends 
  • establish mutually beneficial relationships with partners in the community including higher education, local businesses and local charities
  • work closely with professionals in a range of services to support a multi-disciplinary approach
  • establish research, outreach and training opportunities across Lambeth and other boroughs
  • establish student mini-enterprises to benefit the community, for example student-run cafés and car washes.

Accessing the community

Our schools put significant emphasis on community-based learning that provides opportunities to generalise and rehearse functional skills in real life settings and enables young people to participate in their local community.

We focus on developing functional skills to support young people to make a successful transition into adulthood with the necessary skills to live independently, to gain paid employment and to participate in their local community.

We recognise that mainstream provision is not appropriate for all students on the autism spectrum. Where appropriate for some of our pupils, a mainstream (school) setting may offer a valuable opportunity to be included in some activities. We will consider each pupil’s needs in relation to any mainstream setting opportunities. For those pupils who require more specialist provision we identify stepping stones towards being fully included in various aspects of the local community. Each pupil will have a personalised inclusion pathway which identifies community inclusion opportunities.