The Specialist Behaviour Advice Service offers information and advice to parents/carers and family members of individuals with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. Additionally information and advice can be given to professionals working with autistic children or adults and adults may also self-refer.

The service can offer help and advice on a range of topics including aggression, social skills, obsessions, anxiety and sensory issues. Contact the service directly via email to book a telephone appointment, or ask for advice by email We aim to reply within three weeks.

Points to be discussed during a telephone appointment will be previously established. During the appointment behaviour will be talked through and strategies suggested. Follow up will include personalised information sent to the enquirer by email or if necessary post.

Appointments with the service can also be made via the Autism Helpline 0808 800 4104

Anonymised parent quote;

Thank you very much, you were so helpful and explained everything so well. I learned so much and understood why my child does things that I hadn't thought of in that way before. I felt so much better after the call.