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Our specialist supported living service helps autistic people to live in their own homes and achieve personal goals. We want to make sure that people live as independently as possible, enjoy a fulfilled life, and that their needs are understood by the community in which they live.

The service we provide is based on people's person-centred plans. We currently support adults who live as tenants - either alone or with others - in North Yorkshire, Gateshead and York.

Autism-specific support

We provide sensitive and professional support to people facing various and complex challenges.

The level of support we provide is agreed through an assessment and reviewed on a regular basis. Support can be offered from just a couple of hours a week to up to 24 hours a day throughout the year, depending on each person's preferences and needs. We involve all the people who use our service - and their family and support networks - in developing their own person-centred plans, which are reviewed regularly.

All supported living services are delivered by our own fully-trained and supervised staff.

Our staff can use a range of communication techniques, including sign language and visual strategies, so that people using our service can use their preferred method of communication, share what is important to them and make their own choices.

Leisure and learning

We encourage people using our service to get out and about in the local community, with the support of our qualified staff if needed.

We also support those who want to find work - whether voluntary or paid - or further their education. We have links with local colleges and voluntary organisations, and work with them to best meet each person's needs.

Our team

Our qualified staff are always on hand to support tenants in using local leisure and community facilities. We develop person-centred plans for everyone who uses our supported living service and foster each person's confidence so that they can enhance their skills and independence in all areas of their lives. Where appropriate, we also support our tenants in further education and employment.

How to access our support

Support in your home can be paid for through a number of funding streams. Visit our benefits and care page for more information.