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Our autism resource centre is located on the outskirts of Newcastle in a newly developed, purpose-built school offering various facilities in an environment perfectly adapted for people on the autism spectrum. Our resource centre is a source for information, support and training for anyone who is affected by autism living in or near Newcastle, as well as their families and professionals working in the field of autism. We aim to provide a space to help people to develop their understanding of autism and what it means to them, and give advice to relatives, carers and those who are working to support them.

My son is still in a mainstream school, but his Asperger syndrome has affected our whole family. The NAS information officer is knowledgeable, approachable and experienced. Her support has been invaluable as we have come to terms with his diagnosis and battled to get him the support he needs.


One-to-one advice and support

We are also a vital source of information for people with autism, their parents or carers and professionals working with them. Through one-to-one appointments at the centre or over the phone we can offer support, resources and advice tailored to you and your circumstances. We work closely with each person to signpost them to local support services that will be beneficial to them and their families. Our aim is to promote self-confidence and individuality, which is why each person is at the centre of what we do here.

Parent group

We run a fortnightly parent group every other Thursday morning from 9.30 – 11.30am. If you are a parent or carer of a person on the autism spectrum, these groups will encourage you to share experiences, ideas and advice with other parents and carers, as well as to socialise and overcome feelings of isolation.

Learning and training opportunities

There are regular informative learning opportunities held for people affected by autism, with seminars from a variety of guest speakers, which have in the past included internationally renowned Wenn Lawson and Ros Blackburn. The seminars cover topics ranging from understanding autism to diet or relationships.

We can also provide training sessions for parents and professionals, addressing practical strategies for areas such as challenging behaviours, dealing with anger and coping with transitions.

As an Autism Education Trust training hub, we are able to give training to education professionals working in the North East region. Tiered training programmes are available for both early years and school age provisions, and can be delivered at a venue of your choice or at the resource centre.

Environment and facilities

The school building in which we are based has been specially designed for people on the autism spectrum, providing a bespoke setting for our resource centre. Everyone who visits the centre will be welcomed by a comfortable and low-arousal environment with adequate parking on site..
Visits to the resource centre are strictly by appointment only and during school holidays will be closed.

Our team

Our staff are all experienced and qualified in supporting people with autism and learning disabilities. We adopt the NAS SPELL approach ensuring a structured, low arousal environment and use well-established strategies such as; TEACCH, PECS, Makaton and Signalong to enable the people we support to communicate and participate fully.

How to access our support

Most of the activities and resources we offer are free to access. Please speak to us about availability of the activities you are interested in.

How to access our support

The various activities and groups we offer through our resource centres can be funded in a number of ways. Contact the service directly for more information about the activities you are interested in.