Our resource centre helps autistic people to enjoy life and to find out more about what autism means to them. We run a huge range of activities across Surrey and beyond, from after-school play schemes to adult social groups.

We also run social skills groups for children and adults, youth clubs, social skills club for children, LEGO club, ASSIST for adults wanting to explore their diagnosis during one to one sessions and family support workers who will support families of children 0-18 in Surrey through home visits and workshops. The offices for London and South East resource centres are located in Linden House in Surrey.

Below we list some of the many activities and support we run. We are always adding more, and would love to hear from you if there’s something you would like us to provide.

Where we are

While we run some of our projects across Surrey area and Horsham West Sussex.

Our approach

Everything we do is structured and autism friendly: our activities are designed to help people living with autism and we understand the challenges you face. Our staff are fully trained and experienced in working with people with autism, and we use SPELL and TEACCH, approaches which the NAS has tried and tested over the years. In addition we use whichever methods of communication you are most comfortable with.

What we offer:

  • Children’s clubs (age 5-11) in Surrey: Cranleigh, Reigate, Staines, Walton-on-Thames and Woking
  • Youth clubs (age 12-18) in Surrey: Godalming, Guildford, Staines, Epsom, Woking and Reigate
  • Holiday day outings for children and young people in Surrey (5-18 years old)
  • Children’s club in West Sussex, Horsham (5-18 years old)
  • ASSIST service for one-to-one support in Godalming, Reigate and Aldershot
  • Adult social skills groups in Godalming, Guildford and Reigate
  • LEGO therapy club for children (5-12 years old) in Surrey
  • Social skills club for children (5-12 years old) in Surrey
  • Family support service for parents of children on the autism spectrum (0-18) in Surrey
  • Home visit, phone support and workshop to families with CAHMS referral (0-18) in Surrey

How to access our support

The various activities and groups we offer through our resource centres can be funded in a number of ways. All projects are grant funded which is received from Surrey County Council, NHS Mindsight CAHMS and Surrey Clinical Commissioning Groups

Contact the service directly for more information about the activities you are interested in.