Birch House is our daytime hub for autistic adults. We provide educational, recreational and vocational training in a broadly college-type setting. 

Situated conveniently on the outskirts of Godalming town centre, close to local amenities and within walking distance of the river, Birch House is easily accessible and has a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. Its large open plan living room and kitchen provides a peaceful but interactive environment where people are free to engage in activities that are meaningful to them.

Person-centred approach

Because helping people to become more independent is so central to what we do, we see it as vital that they take responsibility for building their own programme. We work closely with each person to enable them to choose the activities that will best suit them, to extend their skills and allow them to pursue their passions. We recognise the importance of involving family, carers, friends and staff in the planning process too.

Activities are geared towards the acquisition of skills and knowledge, for example life skills, cookery and IT. Short courses are offered that develop skills that are relevant to the workplace, including food hygiene, health and safety and first aid.

People who use the service have the opportunity to work towards nationally recognised qualifications through online services and can access individualised support in areas such as money management, CV writing and job searching. Some find Birch House of benefit as a quiet space to which they can bring their own pursuits, such as creative writing, blogging and college course work.

We have an area behaviour coordinator, who provides support and guidance in autism approaches and positive behaviour support, helping people to overcome their anxiety and improve their quality of life.

Our team

Every member of our team is trained to understand autism and Asperger syndrome, and how they affect people's lives. They learn specialist techniques which help them support people effectively, and continue to develop a deep knowledge and experience of working with people on the autism spectrum throughout their careers.

How to access our support

There are several ways you can pay for support through our daytime hubs. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.

How to find Birch House