Photo: a man and woman at a music workshop

Our day services give adults with autism a place to come for support, to socialise and to learn. We offer a wide range of groups, classes and activities outside the home that enable adults to pursue their interests and develop their life skills in a meaningful way. We are well known for our workshops and garden centre where people using our service make high quality products for sale.

We offer our day services through Somerset Court, a specialist centre for people with autism on a country estate in Brent Knoll. Our service is open to anyone with autism and our programmes are flexible and tailored to what each person needs and wants.

Leisure and learning activities

Our day services offer a range of leisure, educational and vocational activities which may be based at Somerset Court or in the community. We deliver our programmes in a structured environment which is ideal for adults with autism. Each person can choose specific sessions or attend on specific days.

Below are some examples of the activities we can offer – there are many more and we are always open to new ideas.

Everyone who uses our day services uses SPELL. This approach provides structure and a means of clear communication designed to help people with autism. We also use TEACCH, Social Stories®Makaton and PECS to support this.

What we offer

Activities and facilities at Somerset Court:

  • creative arts and pottery
  • sports and gym facilities
  • IT
  • communication skills
  • life and independence skills using ASDAN and OCN
  • sensory room sessions
  • therapies using colour, music, movement and instruments.

Work at Somerset Court:

  • woodwork
  • recycling
  • horticulture and gardening
  • art and picture framing.

Activities in the community:

  • hiking and walking
  • theatre
  • leisure facilities
  • fundraising for other charities
  • art exhibitions
  • local carnivals.

Person-centred approach

We want every adult we work with to have the opportunity to grow and thrive, so we put them at the centre of our planning process. We work closely with each person to create their individual plan and put it into practice: through our knowledge and experience we enable people to communicate effectively and to express their wishes. We also ensure that family, carers, friends and staff are full partners in the planning process.

The day service delivered at Somerset Court goes a long way to meeting the needs of our son and our expectations of how he should be cared for.

Our team

Every member of staff is fully trained to support people with autism, and continues to develop their expertise throughout their career. We staff activities according to each person’s needs.

How to access our support

There are several ways you can pay for support through our day-time hubs. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.