Our day centre offers a friendly and highly-structured environment for autistic adults. We build our programmes around the needs of each person who uses our centre and our staff use low arousal approaches to help people remain calm and relaxed.

We use the well-renowned TEACCH programme as the basis for supporting every person who attends the day centre. TEACCH incorporates written schedules - which provide structure for the people using our day centre - and an autism-specific means of communication. We also support other forms of communication, such as Social Stories®, Makaton®, Singalong and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication).

Activities at the day centre include:

  • music sessions
  • art
  • relaxation
  • life skills
  • workstation tasks.

Our day centre is located at the Diamonds Business Centre, close to Irthlingborough, set within extensive and attractive grounds. It is just off the A6, which provides excellent transport links, and the people who use our centre have access to a huge range of amenities. Our community-based activities include:

  • swimming
  • nature trails
  • ten-pin bowling
  • trampolining.

Our son loves coming to the day centre. Before, he was never keen on school (he'd hide his bag), but he is very keen to attend the centre. He is very happy and loves the swimming sessions. It's incredible that our son has settled in remarkably well and remarkably quickly in such a short space of time. That is down to the staff team, who have been extremely accommodating.


We tailor individual programmes to the interests of the people who use our centre. Programmes can include a mixture of activities in the centre itself or out in the local community, and each person can choose specific sessions or attend on specific days. We can also offer programmes during half-terms and summer holidays. 

Staffing ratios vary according to each person's requirements for a particular activity.

How to access our support

There are several ways you can pay for support through our daytime hubs. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.