Our resource centre helps people with autism of all ages to enjoy life and to find out more about what autism means to them. We run a huge range of activities across Croydon and beyond, from courses for families with a pre-school child with autism, to social groups for adults who want to meet other people with autism. All our activities are free to join in with.

The support we offer

We support people of all ages with autism, from pre-school on to adulthood. Many of our activities and training focus on the needs of children, young people and their families. We also help adults and provide training to professionals who would like to learn more about autism.

Below are some of the many activities, workshops and support we run. We are always adding more, and would love to hear from you if there’s something you would like us to provide. Most are free.

What we offer:

  • Saturday youth club for 14-18 year olds with autism
  • Social group for young people aged 15-18 with Asperger syndrome
  • Swimming club: ten-week workshop for children aged 5-16
  • Tigger's Bouncabout: ten-week rebound (trampoline) therapy workshop for children aged 5-13
  • Drama therapy: ten-week workshop run by trained drama therapists for children aged 5-13
  • Rebound therapy club: ten week workshop for 10-16 year olds
  • EarlyBird support programmes: three month courses for families with pre-school children with autism, with a mix of training and home visits
  • Family support worker: works with families of children from 0 to 19 years with autism
  • Behaviour support worker: works with families to find new behaviour strategies
  • Befriending scheme: our volunteers visit families and do fun activities at home or in the community with their child
  • Dads’ club: quarterly get-togethers where we discuss a topic and have lunch
  • Workshops: quarterly events across the borough which look at a range of topics
  • Adult social group: a monthly drink or meal with friends who also have autism


Our son thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions and they really helped him with his imaginative play and social skills with the other children.


Where we are

While we run some of our activities from our base in South Croydon, many more take place across the community. So you might come to our centre for an after-school activity but go to a public pool for swimming club, or to a friendly pub for a social evening over a drink and a meal.

At the centre we have a training room where we deliver workshops such as EarlyBird, a family room where parents meet the family support worker, and our office. It is easy to travel here by bus or train.

Our approach

Everything we do is structured and autism friendly: our activities are designed to help people living with autism and we understand the challenges you face. Our staff are fully trained and experienced in working with people with autism, and we all use SPELL and TEACCH, approaches which the NAS has tried and tested over the years. In addition, we use whichever methods of communication you are most comfortable with.

How to access our support

The various activities and groups we offer through our resource centres can be funded in a number of ways. Contact the service directly for more information about the activities you are interested in.