Lorna Wing assessment room

The National Autistic Society's Lorna Wing Centre for Autism in Kent was the first centre in the country to provide a complete diagnostic, assessment and advice service for children, adolescents and adults with social and communication disorders throughout the UK.

Originally known as the Centre for Social and Communication Disorders, it was set up by Judith Gould and Lorna Wing under the auspices of The National Autistic Society in 1991. It was set up because parents of children with autism and other related conditions often had major problems in finding a diagnosis and an explanation for their child's behaviour.

Since the early days there has been increasing awareness of the need for diagnosis of autism. Despite this, parents continue to have problems with getting a clear explanation of their child's difficulties.

The service we offer is specialist diagnostic and assessment for people with a complex presentation of difficulties. We also have specialist knowledge about how autism affects women and girls.

We are expanding

We are excited to be opening a second Lorna Wing Centre for Autism in Essex in September 2017. Situated on a 13-acre site, the centre will be part of our Enterprise Campus which will also be home to the autism-specific Anderson School and an enterprise centre.

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