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Our schools

Every child on the autism spectrum is different, so we work individually with them to help them to thrive and enjoy learning, and to make the best possible progress.

We support children and young people in our specialist schools, aged from 4 to 21.

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Everything you need to know

Anderson School

Anderson School

A day and residential school near Bristol, for ages 7 to 19.

Church Lawton School

An ambitious day school in Cheshire for children aged 4 to 19.
Daldorch School

Daldorch House School

Individual care and education from 8 to 21 in East Ayrshire.
Helen Allison

Helen Allison School

Positive day and residential education in Kent from 5 to 19.
Radlett Lodge

Radlett Lodge School

A day and residential school in Hertfordshire for ages 4 to 19.
Robert Ogden

Robert Ogden School

A day and residential school in Yorkshire for ages 5 to 19.
Sybil Elgar

Sybil Elgar School

Creative day and residential education in Middlesex for ages 4 to 19.
Thames Valley School

Thames Valley School

A high-achieving day school in Reading for children aged 5 to 16.
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Schools in development

Every school we open is designed specifically for autistic children.
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MyProgress® is our overall strategy for working with your child to tailor-make their education.
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NAS school policies

Here's what you and your child can expect of us in our schools.

Transition support

It’s vital to plan ahead for your child’s move into adulthood.
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NAS Academies Trust

We sponsor a network of free schools and academies through the NAS Academies Trust.
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Map of our schools

We have eight specialist independent and free schools in the UK.
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Education enquiries

To contact us about our schools, please fill out this form.
Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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